Activities / Tours

At La Casa de Cecilia you can book many tours and activities. Have a look below for more information.


The canopying consists of 13 different cables that will take you from point A to B and in the meantime you can admire the great views of the cloud forest from above.

Santuario de Cascadas

A self-guided trekk to six breathtaking waterfalls - some with natural swimming pools! The nature is stunning and rich on flora and birds.


Chill out and have fun tubing down Rio Mindo (level 1), Rio Cinto (level 2) or Rio Blanco (level 3 - only at summer!) in great company and with all the necessary security.


A great adventure making your way down from waterfalls. The height of the waterfalls wary between 12, 15, 25 and 40 meters!

Bird Watching

Mindo is visited by ornithologists and national and foreign specialists who are dedicated to bird watching. We invite you to know the pure side with unimaginable about 450 species.

We have expert guides in various languages ​​including English, German and Spanish

Chocolate Tour

The Chocolate tour is an explanation of the processing of cocoa and how the best products are obtained. It does contain tasting!