Welcome to Mindo Lindo!

Casa de Cecilia cooperates with Mindo Lindo.
This private nature reserve is situated in north-western Ecuador’s cloud forest on the slopes of the Western Andes at an elevation of 5.570 ft close to the village of Mindo.

Pedro Peñafiel (Ecuadorian) and Heike Brieschke (German) live permanently in Mindo Lindo with their daughters Edith and Manuela.
They speak Spanish, German, and English. Pedro, professional carpenter and woodworker, has spent more than 30 years working in nature conservation.
Pedro initiated the Protected Forest of Mindo Nambillo Declaration.

Heike has a PHD in biology & ornithology. She has conducted avifaunal studies and guides ornithological tours since more than ten years throughout Ecuador.

Together they have transformed a devastated piece of land into a lush cloud forest with a stunning biodiversity. 28 species of hummingbirds have been registered on their property. These can be easily observed from a balcony while sipping a delicious herbal tea from their garden.

Have a look at their website: www.mindolindo.de